Shhh - The NAYELLE Secret

Shhh…here’s NAYELLE’s secret…

It’s our Ingredients!

NAYELLE‘s products are made exclusively of highly concentrated natural ingredients; chosen specifically to benefit your skin at the cellular level.  Nutrition is at the core of a healthy body and healthy cells. This why we wanted to create a product to truly FEED your skin!

The skin is your body’s largest organ. You can “feed”  your body through the digestive tract AND through topical application of NAYELLE’s skincare products! In the digestive tract, nutrients are processed by probiotic action, broken down and easily absorbed by your body’s cells. NAYELLE’s rejuvenating regime provides your skin with “bio-active probiotic technology” that delivers the nutrition IT needs so you can give your skin the love it deserves!

Many skincare lines are just not effective because their ingredients are not bio-available.

To be bio-available they must be Probiotic derived!

Our holistic and scientific approach uses Probiotic fresh goat milk kefir and sea kelp as our natural bio-active base. This base is then wrapped in organic aloe vera extract, jojoba oil and water extract of Eco-certified snow mushroom that is world renown for its healing benefits to the skin. We added mineral glacier clay extract for its rich and rare 60+ plus minerals and nutrients.

NAYELLE’s ingredients create a revolutionary, exclusive blend of bio-active vitamins, peptides, antioxidants, essential fatty 3-6-9 acids and minerals that promote collagen and elastin.  NAYELLE’s quality ingredients in proper ratios AND formulated with Probiotic technology guarantee effectiveness!

We ultimately took nature and concentrated it!

It was no secret that NAYELLE set out to create a premium health skincare that was pure, honest and natural…and that we did! We are excited for you to try our Probiotic products formulated by our own Chief BioChemist, Peter Jurkemik. When asked, “Why is probiotic skincare the best choice for your skin?” Peter replied:

“Simply said – because it is the way nature works. Human bodies are intelligent and if you provide them with proper ingredients they can take care of themselves. The skin is our largest organ and the only one you can feed directly…so why would you feed it processed canned food, instead of raw organic “full of life” fresh food? Probiotics are complex, full spectrum food for your skin that cannot be imitated or substituted.

It’s the difference between eating processed canned, shelf food — versus — organic, live fresh food!”

~ Peter Jurkemik, CEO & Chief BioChemist

NAYELLE’s SECRET is our 4 Unique Ingredients! They ensure the quality full spectrum nutrients are immediately available to create luminous glowing skin!

Goat Milk Kefir

Sea Kelp

Glacial Clay

Snow Mushroom

We use a “fermentation process” with our goat milk kefir and our sea kelp to produce rich fusion of bio-actives like vitamins, pre-biotics , antioxidants and phytochemicals.  It is like taking a daily vitamin for your skin!

Vitamin D is essential to skin health. Our ECO-certified snow mushroom extract is not only 5x more effective than Hyaluronic Acid in water holding capacity, but but it is the highest source of Vitamin D known to man and we use it in extremely high concentration in our HYDRATE and REJUVENATE products. Lastly, we use time proven jojoba oil, aloe vera as delivery vehicle to core bioavailable core nutrients mixed with essential supplements of vitamins etc.

We do not use fillers … only BIO-ACTIVE components.


Anybody can make claims, but we tested our products at an independent government certified laboratory to prove that our products are safe, non-irritating, hypoallergenic, good for all skin types and that they improve hydration, increase production of collagen & elastin…essential to reduction in fine lines & wrinkles.


NAYELLE’s complete Rejuvenating Skincare Regime:


CLEANSE is formulated as our first step in your skincare regime to ensure your skin is cleaned at the cellular level of impurities and pollutants naturally. The best nutrition applied to a polluted cell is partially effective. Creating a clean, clear skin base is essential to ensure that your skin will be able to absorb the powerful nutrients. CLEANSE is designed for daily use.


PURIFY is formulated to speed up your skin’s metabolic rate. Like any organ in our body, your skin can perform its processes better if it is deeply cleansed of toxins. Pollutants slow metabolic processes and cause inflammation and slow the rate of regeneration. PURITY is recommended to use on a weekly basis or a spot treatment.


HYDRATE is formulated to boost your cells with maximum hydration. All bio reactions in cells can ONLY proceed in the presence of water. Hydration is a must for any cell reaction. 90% of our weight is from water, for this key reason hydration is paramount in radiant looking skin and maintenance of good cellular health. The composition of the water in our body, matches that of ocean salt water. Thus, mineral rich ocean plants, minerals and extracts are a must for complete nutrition. This is why HYDRATE is composed of oceanic clay, sea kelp and snow mushroom. We opted to use snow mushroom as a substitute for hyaluronic acid because it is 5x more effective!


REJUVENATE is formulated to feed your cells. Once our skin is free of impurities and well hydrated we need to nourish it with full spectrum of bio-available nutrients. ONLY nutrients in this form are able to penetrate to deep layers of your skin and be effective.  Our technology/ fermentation process utilizes probiotic action to create bio-available nutrients derived from quality ingredients in a form that is absorbable by skin cells. Essentially our technology is substituting role of the digestive tract and circulatory system for delivery of those nutrients. NOW, we can apply them directly to the source – with a topical application onto the skin! REJUVENATE contains full spectrum bio-available nutrients – making it extremely effective.

You will get the full benefit from NAYELLE‘s complete Rejuvenating Skincare Regime by using CLEANSE, PURIFY, HYDRATE REJUVENATE together.


We believe in quality ingredients & this is why…

Gluten Free Probiotic Skincare

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